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Evergreen Solutions' primary focus is "alternative chemistry", which is the design and development of safe substitutes to those products whose performance qualities rely on hazardous substances.We work closely with our customers, key suppliers, regulators and technical consultants to ensure our products offer true advancements in environmental and personnel protection.

We focus this service in the following categories:

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS: Custom Formulations for Industry

As we strive to create and supply practical, working solutions to industry, we recognize that “one-size” doesn’t always fit all!   That’s why we are committed to being aware of the cleaning challenges our customers face by listening to their specific needs and working to create custom formulations to meet those needs.  

This commitment to an ever-green discovery of new possibilities is certainly one of the reasons companies both large and small have come to put their trust and confidence in Evergreen Solutions.

OPTIMIZATION: Customer Solutions Representatives

Evergreen Solutions works hard to match existing solutions to known industry cleaning challenges. Our district account managers are dedicated to providing knowledgeable service to our customers on the performance, value & application of our products, while helping our customers achieve their important HS&E goals.  

Our BioSol® line of industrial cleaners, degreasers ,descalers and specialty products provide exceptional safety and performance in a wide range applications to benefit our customers.  It’s our job to ensure our customers are continually learning new ways to use these products to their fullest potential.

TAILORED SERVICE: Consulting & Equipment Services

Evergreen Solutions’ consulting services ensure that our customers have the right product for the right application together with the right equipment to get the job done safely, efficiently and economically. In addition to recommending and providing optimum application equipment, Evergreen Solutions also provides the proper servicing of this equipment to ensure efficient performance for our customers.

CONSUMER AWARENESS: HS&E Education & Training

Protecting the health and safety of our customers as well as the environment is a huge priority for Evergreen Solutions. In fact, concern for environmental and personnel protection is our only business. Our entire product line consists exclusively of safer alternatives. Every BioSol® formulation is recognized by regulatory agencies as being non-hazardous and non-polluting.

With this in mind, we are committed to working with our customers through education and training to help them achieve their own health & safety goals. We know it’s important to our customers to get the job done. It’s our job to help them get it done safely and efficiently.

Your bottom line is performance - so is ours…but never at the expense of your personnel or environmental safety.  Our commitment is to provide powerful solutions along with the training to ensure safe, optimum performance.

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