HyperSol Mining Case Study

Cleaning Program for underground heavy equipment provides environmental, operational and safety benefits. 

A gold mining operation in Northern Quebec, was using solvents to clean grease and dirt from their heavy equipment underground. This caused a hightened concern with the miners and HSE department as these solvents were flammable, requiring the steel drums to be segregated and properly grounded. 
The spent solvents were rinsed into the underground sumps where they combined with the recycled water, resulting in the emulsification of the oil and grease. The underground thickener was impacted negatively causing the slimes and solids to float rather than sink, resulting in the intermittent carry over of solids and dissolved metals. 

To minimize the risk to the miners’ health and safety as well as the negative environmental impact, Evergreen Solutions recommended using HyperSol to replace the solvents previously used in the heavy equipment cleaning process. 

The new HyperSol program easily removed the oil and grease from the heavy equipment, reducing the cleaning time by 75%. The spent HyperSol was rinsed into the sumps with no negative impact on the water treatment system. In addition, HyperSol is non-flammable and is shipped in plastic containers eliminating the need for grounding when transferring product.

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