LubriSol Case Study

Machine shops in Timmins, ON find LubriSol to exceed expectations in both performance & safety in 3 month trial across multiple machining operations.

Several machine shops in Timmins, Ontario had reported an accumulation of rust and bacteria growth on their drill presses, lathes, milling machines and cut-off saws from the various coolants & tapping fluids used in those operations. It was also reported that these fluids were leaving a slimy film on the equipment requiring extra cleaning time to remove.

Evergreen Solutions introduced LubriSol, an aqueous lubricant and cooling fluid designed to provide superior lubrication and heat dissipation in various machining operations. With its ability to support high dilution rates, LubriSol was utilized in several applications throughout the shop to replace the multiple products causing the challenges mentioned above.

After a 3 month trial period using LubriSol
at dilution rates ranging from neat to 30:1 the
following results were reported:
• Tapping fluid = Undiluted
• Drill presses = Diluted 10:1
• Cutt-off saws = Diluted 20:1
• Lathes & milling machines = Diluted 30:1
• Lubrication & coolant requirements met or
exceeded customer expectations
• No bacteria growth during trial
• No additional rust occurred during trial
• No slimy film left on machines
LubriSol remained mixed with no separation
in holding tanks
LubriSol was found to work well on all metals
• One chemical solution for multiple operations

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