LevaSol Case Study

Cleaning program for underground heavy equipment saves time and provides safer environment for miners.

A Northern Ontario mining operation was using a caustic cleaning product to clean their underground heavy equipment. Great care had to be taken to avoid skin contact as this product was very corrosive and the users complained of respiratory tract irritation with the strong fumes associated with its use.

While it was reported that the product worked well, it unfortunately left a film on the haul truck and scoop tram sensors. These sensors allow the equipment to be operated remotely and this film significantly reduced the ability of the operators to run the equipment safely. To avoid a potential accident with equipment not responding properly, the miners were required to clean each sensor by hand, adding significant down-time for each piece of equipment

To minimize the health & safety risk posed to the miners and maximize the efficiency of vehicle maintenance, Evergreen Solutions recommended using LevaSol for all heavy equipment cleaning and degreasing. LevaSol has no fumes, is safe on skin and rinses completely free leaving no residue or film on the clean surfaces and sensors.

LevaSol was applied with a foaming sprayer to increase contact time on equipment surfaces, optimizing chemical usage and ensuring efficient distribution of the cleaning solution. LevaSol easily removed the oil and grease while rinsing totally free leaving no film behind. This resulted in a significant savings in time as the miners did not have the added step of wiping down all the sensors. With LevaSol’s free rinse and the sensors now clean, the risk of accident or injury from loss of remote connection due to filmy sensors was eliminated.

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