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The Company's primary focus is "alternative chemistry", which is the design and development of safe substitutes to those products whose performance qualities rely on hazardous substances. Evergreen Solutions works closely with its customers, key suppliers, regulators and technical consultants to ensure the products offer true advancements in environmental and personnel protection.

Our Mission

"We create and supply practical working solutions with an unprecedented optimization of performance to industry: incorporating product -- health, safety and the environment -- and real value to the corporate bottom line."

The Company is committed to developing safer alternatives that meet or exceed the customer's performance specifications without causing adverse effects to the user's health or the environment. Ongoing research programs will expand areas in which our customer is able to achieve the desired results without relying on hazardous substances.

Our Mandate
  • To provide the finest industrial cleaning products on the market today.
  • To develop products that deliver the performance needed without endangering health and safety.
  • To offer products that help companies reduce or eliminate the potential for environmental liability.
  • To manufacture products that are competitively priced, cost effective and help reduce labour costs.
  • To deliver environmentally responsible products that sustain or enhance our customer's corporate image.
  • To demonstrate that environmental preservation and economic viability can go hand in hand.
  • To respect the concept that "a shared world is a shared responsibility".
Product Development

Evergreen Solutions Corporation history began in 1991 as the maker of degreasing solvents and cleaning detergents for industry. Marketed under the name "BioSol®", these new generation products deliver optimum cleaning performance without compromising environmental integrity or personnel safety. Head office, blending and central distribution facilities are located south of Calgary, in Okotoks Alberta, Canada.

Evergreen Solutions has conducted ongoing research programs every year since startup. Primarily market driven, these programs are Evergreen Solution’s commitment to constantly improving its products. If there is sufficient demand, a product is developed to match the requirement. The Company recognizes that success is based on customer satisfaction. Continuous development of new products will sustain market share in the long term. With this fundamental reality, the Company’s technology has evolved from a single product concept to a comprehensive line of alternative products.

Safety & Performance


Evergreen Solution’s efforts are directed at optimizing an acceptable balance between safety and performance.

Petroleum-based substances such as chlorines, flourines, butyls, phenols, benzenes, toluenes and xylenes are very prevalent in the cleaning product industry. Evergreen’s mandate precludes the use of compounds such as these, which continue to be in widespread use.

All raw materials used in Evergreen’s formulations are screened for biodegradability, aquatic/mammalian toxicology, flashpoints, vapour pressure, corrosiveness, volatility and synergistic compatibility. Those that do not meet acceptable safety standards are not selected. Similarly, any substances that are suspected to be carcinogenic or mutagenic, and those with bioaccumulative or inhalation hazard potential, are summarily rejected.

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